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By rita.gibson: Jacksonaction

Jul 10 2006, 09:15 PM
I just want to make another point regarding Motolla.

The Offshore account in the Caribbean
"that Mello mentioned" was owned by Branca and Motolla.
Branca was an attorney in Los Angeles
doing music work for Michael.

Branca was a partner at the Ziffren law
firm in LA. That firm also represented Sony.

Sony paid money into the offshore account
for Branca with the intent for Branca to
sell out Michael. Bear in mind that in this
time period, Michael was in conference
talks with Sony concerning both of their
interests in the catalog.

Here is one question put to LeGrand by Mr Mesereau.

Q: Was it your belief when you started
this investigation that Al Malnik, Tommy Motolla,
John Branca and people at Sony were trying to
find a way to get Mr Jacksons interest in
that Music Catalog.

A: I'm not sure that I would include
Al Malnic in that group, but certainly was
concerned that Branca and Motolla in particular,
had set the stage so to speak, for Sony to be
able to obtain Michaels interest in the Sony/ATV
joint venture.

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