Sunday, January 30, 2011


Today I was able to get a close look of Ambulance 71.
It was parked off Wilshire. Same license plate same # in back

License Plate 1261551
Number back 11803
Here are the pictures.


  1. Does that ambulance officially belong to the L.A. County? or is a "bodgie" one used like in films?

  2. These nos are the same as the one that came Carolwood Drive on 25th June 2009.Is this a real ambulance or one used for movies?.Is there any-way of verifying the no's 11803.If you want to be cryptic you could turn them in to a date..perhaps 18th Nov 2003 the day they had a warrant and searched Neverland,also there were Xmas wreaths on the doors of Neverland that day just like at Carolwood.Just a thought.By the way I realise there is a no. missing,but it would look a bit obvious if they wanted to match it with the others in that series.Cheers.keep up the great work.

  3. Wow, first time since June 13, 2010. Interesting.

  4. this is a real ambulance. look