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2nd Witness Testimony of Michael Amir Williams

Security Measures name of Security Company
Based in Los Angeles. List of security that worked with this company
Alberto Alvarez, Faheem Mohammed, Larry and Lewis Williams
Lewis is Michael Amir's brother and Issac Mohammed
All w/ Nation of Islam.

June 24th between 6-7pm that evening we left for Staples
Michael Jackson, Faheed Muhommed, and myself drove
together Michael Jackson was sitting in the back

Jackson was in great spirits Rehersals went past midnight that night .
We drove straight home from Staples

When we got to the front gates fans outside the gates Dr. Murrays car was there didn't see Dr. Murray that night

June 25th was to come back on duty. I recieved phone call at 12:13pm
from Murray, Murray had called me ,I need help i had missed his
call was in the shower. It was a voice message Murray was Frantic.
i called Alberto, he was in the trailer, i told him go to the front
911 at this point had not been called

Walk to the front door, walk faster...something has happened

I was driving straight to Carolwood, walked past ambulance
when i arrived I went to find Michael's Children to get them
all in one vehicle To see how they were.

At this point Murray was coming down the stairs

Walgreen went onto question Amir Williams
How was the deamenor of the children?

They didn't know what was going on so it wasn't too bad...

UCLA 10 mins after we got there Dr. Murray walks out
He's Dead. he said.

Dr. Murray then approaches me in the hallway ,
we were both crying He said Mr. Jackson has some creme in his
room that he would want Can you go back to the house and get
the creme? I answered Dr. Murray, the police have our keys we can't
get back into the house At that point, We had our keys but told
him that to have him not ask again.

Murray then approached me a 2nd time
and told him he was hungry could I take him to get something to eat?
I told Faheem if Murray asked him about the creme tell him the cops took our keys we cant get into the house.

The police had not sealed the house off.
At that point we locked the house down no further instructions
Murray was gone, he had taken off.

Things seemed to have gotten very weird the last month
time leading up to June 25th .


All witnesses sworn in
Judge to Faheem let me provide you with some instructions
Talk clearly into the microphone so that we can hear you ,
Sit back relax

Can you describe Dr. Murray
Is he present in the courtroom. Can you point to the man
you are describing please. Yes he's there pointing to
Murray in the courtroom

June 25th 1am we arrived back to the Carolwood house
after coming from Staples. Upon arriving at the gates of Carolwoodwe recieved gifts from the fans I then left 12 noon and went to the bank,
Gave no explanation why he left to go to bank)
while out I received call from Michael Amir i
then turned around and drove back to property
First thing i did was call Alberto Alvarez
he was in the room pacing back n forth the
opposite side of the bed Dr. Murray was on
his knees.Mr. Jackson laying on the bed with
his mouth opened He didn't appear alive, Murray
then asked if anyone knew CPR??

I looked at Alberto and we both were in shock as to
why he wouldask such a question, He seemed to be using
only one hand on CPRAlberto then started to assist
Dr. Murray in CPR

do you remember calling Michael Amir when paramedics
arrived at the house ?

Paramedics arrived they transported Michael out
of the room Larry and Bruce were told not to go
into house dont let anyone go in there

a machine I remember a machine being brought up.

Upon arriving at UCLA Were you aware they had
pronounced MJ dead?and at the same time There were police
officers back at Carolwood

there was no security after MJ had died

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