Saturday, January 8, 2011


NOTE: Never once does the called identify who the
patient is and he is there in the room with him.


Paramedic 33, what is the address of your emergency?

Caller: I need an ambulance as soon as possible, sir

Ok sir, what's your address?

Los Angeles California, 90077

Carolwood? Carolwood Drive, yes,

Ok sir, what's the phone number you are calling from?

Sir, we have a gentleman here that needs help.
He's stopped breathing, he's not breathing and
we are trying to pump him, but he's not, he's not...

Ok ok, how old is he?

He's 50 years old, sir

Ok. He's not conscious, he's not breathing?

Yes, he's not breathing sir
And he's not conscious either?

No, he's not conscious sir

Ok (pause). Alright, is he on the floor,
where's he at right now?

He's on the bed sir, he's on the bed

Ok let's get him on the floor


Ok let's get him down to the floor. I'm gonna
help you with CPR right now, Ok

We need him... we need a...

Yes, we're already on our way there.
We're on our way. I'm gonna do as far as I can to help
you over the phone. We're already on our way.
Did anybody see him?

Yes we have a personal doctor here with him, sir

Oh you have a doctor there?

Yes. But he's not responding to anything to no...
no... he's not responding to the CPR or anything

Oh, OK. Well we're on our way there. If your guy is doing
CPR and you're instructed by a doctor he has a higher authority
than me. And he's there on the scene

Did anybody witness what happened?

No, just the doctor, sir. The doctor's been the only one here

Ok so did the doctor see what happened?

Doctor, did you see what happened sir? (inaudible voice)
Sir, just, if you can please...

We are on our way. We are on our way. I'm just passing
these questions on to my paramedics who are on their way there, sir.

Thank you sir. He's pumping, he's pumping his chest but
he's not responding to anything sir. Please

Ok, OK, we are on our way. We are less than a mile
away and we will be there shortly.

Thank you sir, thank you

Ok sir. Call us back if you need any help. Thank you

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