Thursday, January 6, 2011


It's now 4th day of Testimony
Richard Senneff is being called back
to complete his testimony from yesterday.

At this point nothing seems to be
adding up, but one thing is for certain
A patient died that day June 25th.

One thing that is certain there's some question
as to who that patient is/Was...

According to Richard Senneff he did not recogize
the patient to be Michael Jackson

We were told the name of the patient. i'm not sure
who said it. Someone mentioned that it was Michael Jackson.

Richard Senneff Firefighter and Paramedic
Ambulance 71 Testimoney continues

Rescue Ambulance 71 recieved call Audio Alarm Station
incident was cardiac arrest Call Came over to go to
100 N. Carolwood

Physican would like to Call it UCLA is talking to Murray

1. Murray wanted to administer a central line
2. Murray wanted to administer Magnesium to MJ

We were told the name of the patient. i'm not sure
who said it. Someone mentioned that it was Michael Jackson

Nobody was insisting we do something because of who this was.

While i was working on the patient Murray said I think
i have found a pulse His hand was in on the groin area.
Downstairs by the ambulance there was a significant number
of people tourbus was out there its a circus out there

I left the room before Murray could get down the stairs.
We were putting the gearney into the back of the ambulance

While im working on the patient Murray said i think
i have found a pulse

When backing out of the residence "Sennoff declared

"It's a circus out there"


  1. How is it possible that in the one ambulance photo it is very obvious it's a picture of Michael Jackson, but the EMTs and doctors don't recognize it to be MJ?

  2. Thank You so much for all the info!!! beLIEve!!

  3. Thanks for information,TWIGGY.YOU ARE OUR EYES AND EARS in court! ClaudiaBamsday

  4. Thanks Twig Stick!! Can't wait for Day3

  5. Greatly appreciate your keeping us beLIEvers informed.
    Next up..... THE ILLUSION

  6. don't forget the bed sores on the body i think it was the left cheek,,,now mike was not one to stay in bed,,,,mike is an active strong man,,so this makes you think more i say it again it was a body it was an autopsy,,but it was not repeat was not michael,,,,,,,i didn't forget what the report said,,,,,,,and alot sounds like the person who died died a while ago and it seems the body was in bad shape ,,and remember a corner don't have to see a body to make a determination, that's california's law,,,,

  7. O.o Bedsores.... That´s MY proof that body was NOT MJ ! My grandmom has lay in her bed for a month now!! And she dont have BEDSORES yet !! Bedsores..? so should MJ have stay in his bed nearly not moving , longer time than a month? NOO pictures are taking by papparazies while he is shopping , at the doc. and is meeting ppl here and there!! For sure that body was NOT MJ :))

  8. And THANK YOU Twiggy for your awesome and hard work :) !!

  9. it was not mj, and thats it,......

  10. Seriously, was any DNA comparison and confirmation made between that of the deceased and Michael Joe Jackson?? o-O And if not, then why not ?? bambi7